Hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to provide significantly more energy than batteries, but not in their conventional form.

Our novel lightweight hydrogen fuel cells open a new door for the world of portable power.



ExoCell’s patented product, the Thin Flexible Fuel Cell (TFFC), has a superior power to weight ratio (> 400 W/kg) and instantaneous recharging. 


Prior attempts at small fuel cells for portable power have not succeeded as a consequence of trying to miniaturize traditional fuel cells.

The TFFC is built on an entirely new architecture, removing the need for the heavy bipolar plates and relieving 75% of the system's mass

Commercially Viable

ExoCell Power aims to provide more portability by commercializing our patented TFFC. The hydrogen-fed, flexible, air-breathing proton exchange membrane fuel cell (F-AB-PEMFC) uses commercially available materials.

The TFFC manufacturing process removes the need for a clean room and was designed with scalability in mind.

Summary of Benefits of TFFC vs. Other Fuel Cells and Lithium Batteries:

(1) Superior energy density by virtue of hydrogen fueling and ultra-light TFFC weight

(2) High area-based power density (>1 W per square inch)

(3) Nearly instant recharging

(4) Modular integration into a power system

(5) Sustainable fuel and environmental friendliness

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