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ExoCell receives empowerST fellowship funding to complete key technology demonstrators and scale the manufacturing process, June 2022. See program details

ExoCell becomes NYSERDA approved Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator company at the Koffman Incubator, November 2021 See Announcement.

ExoCell completes Cleantech Open Accelerator, September 2021 Full article.

ExoCell joins Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, July 2021 Full article. 

ExoCell places 3rd in TIE NJ Competition, April 2021 Full article.

Drones Powered by Light-Weight Fuel Cells Could Make Aerial Investigations Safer, More Efficient, March 2020 Stevens researcher founds Hoboken Fuel Cell, increasing the power life of drones by ten-fold. Full article

Stevens Research Spotlight: Professor Besser’s fuel cells, April 2019 Full article

Market News

Hydrogen Rising: It Really Is Infrastructure Week! Congress Passes Historic Infrastructure Bill Offering Massive Opportunities for The Build out Of the Hydrogen Economy, November 2021  Full article

US Department of Energy Announces $52.5 Million to Accelerate Progress in Clean Hydrogen, July 2021  Full article


US Department of Defense Selects Advent Wearable Fuel Cell for Validation Program, June 2021  Full article

FLIR Wins Additional $15.4M Contract for Black Hornet Nano-UAV Systems for U.S. Army Soldier Borne Sensor Program, May 2021  Full article

The Three Business Benefits Of Drones, November 2020 Full article

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