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Engineering lightweight fuel cells for the future of portable energy


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ExoCell is honored to announce that we have received  the empowerST fellowship



Thin Flexible Fuel Cell

ExoCell's Thin Flexible Fuel Cell (TFFC) is an ultra lightweight,       high-energy density fuel cell

The Thin Flexible Fuel Cell is a hydrogen-fed, flexible, air-breathing proton exchange membrane  fuel cell. TFFC power systems possess energy densities greater than 4X those of batteries. The TFFC uses a radically new architecture that eliminates the heavy metallic parts in conventional fuel cells, massively reducing weight, and significantly increasing the energy density of the overall power system. 

  • The novel architecture utilizes the active components of the cell and eliminates the bipolar plates, removing 75% of the cell's mass

  • The design is nearly 2-dimensional and flexible, making it formable for the desired application

  • The cell is air-breathing, relieving the need for fans and air-fluidics

  • The TFFC is made of commercially available materials, and the manufacturing process is highly scalable: no clean room is required

Thin Flexible Fuel Cell

Patented Architecture





Matt Mayer is the Chief Technology Officer of ExoCell Power. Matt has worked with Dr. Besser since 2015 on hydrogen fuel cell technology at Stevens Institute of Technology. Matt graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and worked directly on the TFFC for over 3 years. In 2019 he began his PhD in NanoEngineering at University of California San Diego under Dr. Shirley Meng where he worked on next-generation lithium metal batteries. In June 2020 he took a leave of absence to pursue the commercialization of TFFC technology full-time. He has ten refereed journal publications and four provisional patents applications, including two related to TFFC technology.


Matt Mayer

Co-Founder & CTO

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Ronald Besser

Dr. Ronald Besser is the Technology Advisor of ExoCell Power. He recently retired from his role as a Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. He has numerous publications and 18 patents, including three in the area of novel fuel cell architectures. After receiving his PhD in Materials Science from Stanford Besser worked in Silicon Valley at a Fortune 1000 company as well as many years at a flat-panel display startup. Besser’s experience in electrochemistry, materials/device research, and commercialization paired with a multidisciplinary background has gotten ExoCell and the TFFC ripe for commercialization.

Ronald Besser

Co-Founder & Technology Advisor

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Tom Blum

ExoCell's Business Mentor

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Roland Scott

Go-to-Market Strategist

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John Gartner

Fuel Cell Commercialization Expert



Small UAS

  • Providing up to 4x the flight time in small UAS systems


IOT Sensors

  • HVAC Sensors


Soldier Power

  • Portable power packs for dismounted soldiers

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Portable Robotics

  • Warehouses

  • Military

  • Healthcare


Funding & Support 

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